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Trekking in Cochamó Valley

Hello Friends, In this blog I want to describe the treks you can do in the Cochamó Valley. If you need more information you can visit us in our Bed & Breakfast and Eco camping La Frontera Valle Cochamó, just 500 meters before the beginning of the trail to La Junta.

Enjoy and see you soon! Pavel Drabina

Trail to La Junta

Cochamo valley, trekking

Difficulty: Moderate

Distance: 13 km

Altitude gain: 300 m.

Time of walk: 3-6 hours (one way)


Register yourself on the beginning of the trail and follow the trail through the forest to Río Piedra. Cross the hanging bridge or wade the river (if the water level is low).

Cochamo valley, trekking, La Junta

After río Piedra track climbs steeply for 45 min. Reach Paso de la Muerte and rest. Trail continues

more gently towards La Junta. When you reach first grassy area with a nice view of the mountains, you are 1 hour from La Junta. Follow the trail for remaining distance.

Trail is heavily eroded and is crossing muddy areas. Stay on the main trail and don’t get confused with alternative trails made by people.

If you want to sleep in La Junta you must to book in advance, the best campsites are camping La Junta and Camping Vista Hermosa.

Cochamo valley, trekking, La Junta


La Junta to Toboggans

Cochamo valley, trekking, La Junta

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 300m

Altitude gain: 20 m.

Time of walk: 20 min (one way)


Shortest walk in valley. From camping Trawen cross the river La Junta by wading (there is no bridge here).

Turn immediately left and follow the trail to the natural toboggans. Please be careful and don’t injure yourself if you want to slide on the toboggans, remember there is no hospital in La Junta or Cochamó.

La Junta to Anfiteatro

Difficulty: Moderate

Distance: 5 km

Altitude gain: 700 m.

Time of walk: 6 to 7 hours return


Start to walk up from La Junta on the trail to Trinidad.

After 30 min the trail divides to Trinidad and Anfiteatro. Follow the right fork to Anfiteatro .

The trail climbs up steeply to the waterfall on the “Circuito Cascadas”. Follow the signs to Anfiteatro, trail climbs steeply to Anfiteatro valley. Follow the creek until reach the end of evergreen forest. Follow the boulder, scree slope to reach the horseshoe of Anfiteatro.

To climb further you will need ropes and climbing equipment.

La Junta to base of Trinidad

Difficulty: Moderate

Distance: 4 km

Altitude gain: 700 m.

Time of walk: 4 to 7 hours return


Start of the trail is the same as for Anfiteatro trip. After 30 min. turn left and follow signs to Trinidad. Cross the Trinidad creek on the fallen tree (fixed rope in the place for help).

Follow the trail very steeply up. You will reach a camping spot for climbers and toilet just under Trinidad wall. Climb granite slabs to have view above tree line. Amazing views to Cerro Arcoiris, La Paloma and wall of Trinidad.

Base of Trinidad to Lagoon of Trinidad

cochamo, trekking, trinidad, lagoon, laguna trinidad, la junta

Difficulty: Moderate

Distance: 2 km

Altitude gain: 200 m.

Time of walk: 3 hours return


From the base of Trinidad follow the bottom of the wall for 300 mts. Then trail turns right into the forest. Follow the trail and after half hour reach the boulder area of dry river.

Cross this area and follow the markers. The trail is not much used and is difficult. You will reach a gully between Trinidad and Pared de Gorila. Follow the creek until you reach a big overhanging boulder, here is a place for climbers to sleep. Composting toilet is near and there is drinking water and firewood supply. Follow this side valley another 30 min. through Coihue forest to the glacier lagoon.

cochamo, la junta. trinidad, trekking

La Junta to La Paloma

cochamo, la junta, glaciar, la paloma, trekking, hiking

Difficulty: Moderate

Distance: 3 km

Altitude gain: 800 m.

Time of walk: 6-7 hours return


Start from La Junta by crossing river La Junta direction Toboggans. Here the trail divides to go to La Paloma. Follow markers and climb steeply until Pared seca (45 min).

Follow left near Pared Seca until reach a place with fixed ropes. Short exposed part of 15 meters protected with fixed ropes. Follow same trail through a native forest. Be Careful! Trail change direction several times! You will reach valley La Paloma and granite slabs where creek is flowing. Follow the creek up another 20 min. Keep going another 20 min above and you will find permanent snow field. Drinking water is available.

cochamo, la junta, glaciar, la paloma, trekking, hiking

La Junta to Cerro Arcoíris

cochamo, trekking, arcoiris, cerro, la junta

Difficulty: Hard

Distance: 5 km

Altitude gain: 1200 m.

Time of walk: 8-10 hours return

cerro arcoiris, cochamo, la junta, trekking


Start from La Junta steeply on the trail to Pared Capicua and Arcoiris. After 15 min of steep

switchbacks trail divides. Follow left to Arcoiris. Trail climbs steeply for 1.5 hours through Alerce forest. After that area trail climb steeply and first fixed ropes starts. Exposed and dangerous terrain ahead.

Fixed ropes will start climbing wet and exposed inward corner rock. Follow the ropes, use trees and roots for stability. Ropes will lead you to 30 mts exposed and steep rock face.

Climb up and try to don’t look down! After this

part the trail keep climbing steeply through native forest, but without any exposed places.

Cerro arcoiris, cochamo, la junta, trekking

After another 30 min you will reach the first Mirador (viewpoint), forest ends here. To go to the second Mirador follow rocky ridge up, keep eye for stone cairns that marks the correct way. 1 hour later you will reach second Mirador.

Spectacular panoramatic views to Cochamo Valley, fiord Reloncaví, Osorno volcano and Cerro Tronador.

If you want to reach true Summit of Arcoiris continue on rocky ridge towars the highest point (another 45 min). Careful here, there is no trail and you will have to climb steep slabs, exposed and dangerous terrain.

I hope this hiking guide for the Cochamo Valley is useful for you and don't forget to visit us at La Frontera Valle Cochamó B&B and Eco camping.

See you!

Pavel Drabina


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