Food in La Frontera

At La Frontera you can enjoy various delicacies such as homemade pizzas, cakes and pies, breakfast and dinner, we also have a rich variety of teas and coffee.

The menu varies each day (only pizzas and cakes are permanent), since we are not a restaurant, our clients decide in advance what want to eat and then the food is prepared and served in a homey atmosphere.

Cook in the rooms is strictly prohibited for reasons of safety and hygiene. Visitors who prefer to cook their own food can use the camping facilities, where there are tables, chairs and grills.

 Mountain Bike rental

Discover the Valley on two wheels with the incredible Mountain Bikes that La Frontera and Chilepath have for you.



1 hour: $ 5,000

1/2 day (4 hours): $ 12,000

Full Day (8 hours): $ 20,000

Alternative Therapies

Since the 2016-2017 season we have alternative therapies Biomagnetismo and detoxification of the body.

The Biomagnetic Therapy using magnets balances the ph and energies of both physical and spiritual body.

The Biomagnetismo has a great healing effect to eliminate viruses, bacteria or pathogen that are in your body, and also to balance the energies of the body can release blocked emotions and achieve a balance and inner peace.

Contacto y Reservas:  
Email:  pau.sanza@gmail.com

Teléfono:  +56 9 85549033  (sólo Whatsapp o mensaje de texto)
Dirección: Camino a La  Junta  y Paso el  Leon, Quila,  Cochamó.  Kilómetro 5