La Frontera Eco camping

La Frontera Eco camping has:

  • Composting Toilets

  •  Showers with hot water

  • Laundry place

  • Drinking water

  • Free parking for clients

  • Access to river

  • Tables Grills


Value:  $ 5,000 adults

              $ 3,500 children (from 4 to 13 years old)

Our Camping is very calm and familiar. Located on the banks of the river and in the shade of native trees.


A wonderful and deep pool with a spectacular view of the mountains is located just 10 meters from the camping area.


La Frontera Eco Camping has a maximum capacity of 20 people, this is not due to lack of space, what we are looking for is that our visitors have their own little corner and in this way, they can enjoy and appreciate the place.


Each site is different and special, these have a place to make fire, there are also benches and tables.

The campsite has composting toilets, that is, we separate the solid waste from the liquids, to prevent the ammonia of the urine from getting together with the faeces and producing a bad smell.


Solid waste accumulates in a special place for its decomposition, while liquid waste is mixed with water and treated in an artificial wetland.


In this way we take care of our environment without contaminating the water with a simple solution.


Also in La Frontera we have a hot gas shower which is always working



It is OBLIGATION to disinfect and clean your fishing equipment in the disinfection unit for the Dydimo, thus avoiding the spread of this invasive and dangerous algae. There is a path that borders the river, where you can go explore and try your luck with trout and / or salmon fishing (100% refund). La Frontera is simply the perfect place to camp and enjoy the nature that surrounds it.

Contacto y Reservas:  

Teléfono:  +56 9 85549033  (sólo Whatsapp o mensaje de texto)
Dirección: Camino a La  Junta  y Paso el  Leon, Quila,  Cochamó.  Kilómetro 5