We leave you a list of activities that we have done and we recommend them 100%

Trekking: La Junta and Toboganes (day trip)

La Junta, is an impressive place, surrounded by gigantic granite walls, larch forests, rivers, waterfalls and natural slides.

Description of the trail

Distance: 26 kilometers round trip.

Estimated time: from 8 to 12 hrs. depending on your rhythm.

Elevation: 300 meters of altitude with respect to the level of the sea.

Difficulty: Medium to Low depending on your experience in the mountains.


The trail begins 500 meters from our place, where you will find the access control, here you must register and the Adventure begins. We recommend you leave at 8 a.m. to be back, arround 7 pm, so you will have time to enjoy La Junta and come back during the day. You can ask us to wait for you with a homemade pizza on your return to finish this experience in the perfect way!


We can divide the trail into 3 sections, each one is approximately one third of the way, in this way you can calculate how long you are going to walk to get to La Junta.

Access control to Piedra River.

In this section you start to climb gradually, you will always be in the Forest, so the sun is no problem, after walking between 45 minutes to 1 hour and a half (depending on your pace) you arrive at Piedra River where you cross a suspension bridge.

River Piedra to open place.

After crossing the suspension bridge the real climb begins, from this point and until you reach La Junta you will find lots of mud on the path and several alternative paths to avoid it, please always worry about going back to the main road and remember that the Cochamó River It is always on your right. When you reach the open place you will have the first views of the mountains that surround La Junta.

Open place to La Junta.

From the open place the path is quite flat and you will begin to have really nice views of the mountains and I assure you that you will be impressed with the contrast of the water color of the Cochamó river, the forest and the mountains.

From La Junta you can make other trails, all of them have a higher degree of difficulty, they are quite steep and more physically challenging, but you will have views that for us are some of the most beautiful we have seen in the world!

If you want to do these trekking you should sleep on La Junta since the walks will take you all day. Remember that to sleep in La Junta you must book in advance and at the access control they will ask for your reservation voucher. Go to www.reservasvallecochamo.org/camping-sector-la-junta to find accommodation services.

View from Arcoiris

View fromLa Paloma

View from Trinidad

Ropes trail to Arcoiris

Trekking: Laguna Cayutué (day trip)

The Cayutué lagoon is located at the southern end of the Vicente Pérez Rosales national park, to get there you must travel by car from our place to Cayutué approximately 30 minutes.


From Cayutué you enter the mountain by a gravel road, depending on your car you can reach the end of the road (on the highest part of the hill) and park your car where there is a house.


From here you start the descent to the lagoon, the trail is very similar to the one in La Junta and in about 40 minutes you arrive at the lagoon.


Estimated time: 3 hours round trip.

Difficulty: Low

Trekking: Valle Este (day trip)

The East Valley is the valley of a river tributary to the Cochamó River, from here you will be surprised with the beautiful mountains that surround the place. To access the East Valley you must cross the Cochamó River at the beginning of the valley. From here you start to climb a gravel road (it is only possible to walk up). You will be entering private land so you must ask the owner for permission and pay $ 2,000 approx. You can also ask him for directions on how to follow the path or he can guide you (if you want to be guided, please let us know in advance to arrange the trip with the owner of the land)


Duration: 4 to 5 hours round trip

Difficulty: Low

Picnic in Río Piedra

Walking 1 hour from our place you get to Río Piedra, which crosses the path to the Board, if you want to make a quiet walk and low difficulty this is an excellent option. You cross the river by the suspension bridge and then you walk to the right in the direction of the Cochamó river, here you will find beautiful places to enjoy the day. Remember not to leave a trace and download all your garbage.

 Cochamó town

Cochamó is a very nice village on the banks of the Reloncaví Fiord, with a beautiful view of the Yates Volcano.


It is the perfect place for a kayak ride or to visit the waterfront and the emblematic Church.

Our favorite place to have a good coffee, eat a delicious kuchen and connect to WIFI is The Coffee House Cochamó, we recommend 100% this place!

Trip to Puelo River and Tagua Tagua Lake

30 kilometers from our place is Puelo river, known worldwide for its excellent fishing and beautiful landscapes. From Puelo at 16 Kilometers you arrive at Tagua Tagua Lake which you can cross at Ferri and continue traveling until Segundo Corral. A very good trip during the day if you are traveling by car.

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