Activities in our place

We leave you here a list of activities that we have done and we recommend them 100%

Enjoy the Cochamó River

Our place is located along the river bank, just 10 meters from the access to the river you will find an ideal pool for swimming, fishing (100% refund) or just marvel at the landscape. A must-see of our place

Shinrin- yoku: The Forest as antistress therapy

Shinrin-Yoku or forest baths, is a medicinal practice initiated in Japan, inspired by ancestral Buddhist practices.


Shinrin-Yoku invites us to absorb the atmosphere of the forest, to stop and appreciate what we see, to breathe deeply, to feel the contact with the air, the textures of the leaves, to listen to the wind among the trees, to hear the birds. . . We relax our mind by focusing on the beauty and simplicity of nature.


The impact of forest baths on health is clear: they lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, reduce hormones related to stress and the incidence of heart attacks.

Mountain bike rental

Explore the Cochamó Valley and the Reloncaví Fiord on two wheels with the incredible Mountain Bikes that La Frontera and Chilepath have for you.

Bird watching

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Dirección: Camino a La  Junta  y Paso el  Leon, Quila,  Cochamó.  Kilómetro 5